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Sell and Supply

We sell and supply many qualities of agarwood, from high to low quality agarwood products for burning and accesories material. Please contact us for more information.

Shop Online

You may want to visit our Online Shop to check out several products that perhaps interest you. You may find discounts or promo products on display.

Industrial Agarwood

Our factory produce high quality Artificial or industrial agarwood. Comes in many types and designs. We also open to any new designs or types from customer for production.

General Trading

Our company has a massive general sources and alliances for export commodities such as Furniture, Fish, Spices, Herbal Medicines, etc. Contact us for more information.

product information

Product 1

Kalimantan Oud

Product 2

Products Availability

We always trying to have the best quality product available, as agarwood is collected from wild forest, sometimes it is not easy to maintain the availability. We recommend our wholesale customer to contact us directly for inquiry on available products.

For Industrial Agarwood, products are mostly produced per Purchase Order, means not much items ready in stock and you need to order for production.

Product 3

Pontianak Oil


Double Super Malinau

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Super Malinau

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Pontianak Super

Price: - Contact Us

Malinau AB grade

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Agarwood Beads

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Decor Pieces

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Pure Agarwood Oil

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Industrial Agarwood

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